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Friday, December 2, 2016

I got a new phone earlier in the year and I've been on the hunt for a new case ever since. I had the perfect one for my previous phone, one that was the epitome of me, and I feel like a phone case is an extension of your personality. Like another accessory to your outfit. And finding the right one is trying! And time consuming. And hard!

That is until I found Casetify. I happened upon them from Pinterest, that amazing site that will suck you in for hours and won't let go! I found a photo of a darling case, clicked the link, and then got sucked into Casetify's website! And once you head there, you will see why! It's the best case site for any of your pieces of technology. 

However, it's so great, I made a wish list that is thirteen cases long and I can't decide on which is the perfect one for my phone. Maybe I need two. Or three! And, there are ones for the holidays and I'm thinking I need one to trade out during December next year. Seriously, I can't get over this site!

Check out all the ones I've chosen.

From this list, I call it miscellaneous, who can I pick just one? I mean those shoes! I would love to have them in real life! I wear Chanel perfume, my signature scent, I drink coffee, I love shoes, and I'm doing what I love. These are all perfect! 

Then there's these..... Top left, I have a hat just like that! The large photo on the right is how I see myself in my head, but let's be honest, I'm more the girl on left of her in the top knot. But they're all so chic and phone case worthy.

And these!! Oh, I adore these. Especially the red dress and the wreath! That has to be hands down my favorite from the holiday collection.

So how do I chose? Can you help? Even maybe help me narrow it down? Which one(s) do you think look most like me? And visit the site and tell me which ones look most like you! I die!

Happy Friday!


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