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Monday, May 28, 2018

Well, school's out and summer has officially begun! I know everyone is so excited to spend time with their kiddos that doesn't involve homework, hectic school schedules, and eating on the run. Vacations are planned, summer activities are on the calendar, and there are big plans to make play dates with those friends you won't get to see as often as you would when you were in school. Then July 6th hits and everyone is stir crazy, bored, and mom's everywhere are asking the same question, "How many days before school starts?"

I am one of those mom's! Things start off so well. We have fun activities planned around the city, vacations on the calendar which start in about two weeks, and McKinley is all set for swimming, golf, and tennis lessons with a musical theater class thrown in. He should be busy enough to not get bored, right? Wrong! And we will be arguing by the time July sets in. So, in order to combat those feelings of wishing school was year round, I have created a small summer bucket list that I thinl would be fun to complete! A few things you can do at home, but a few things will get you out and about and exploring this fun city you live in! Maybe you've done them before and maybe you've never even thought them. Either way, print this off and keep it in your summer tote bag for when you need a little something to do!

Some of this activities are annual summer events for us. Others have been on my list for several summers and we have never had the time to do them. We are definitely going to make our own ice cream and I'm going to re-try my Popsicle making this summer. Last time I made them, I wasn't in love with them. McKinley has never had watermelon on the rind and I can't wait to watch him try to spit seeds! As for the picnic on the lawn of the Nelson, I'm going to pack the perfect lunch and find just the right spot to dine!

What things do you already have planned? Will you work from this list as well? If so, I can't wait to hear all about everything you do! I plan to blog along the way of my tips and tricks to some of the activities we've done over the years. Certain places are free during the week. Some places offer different events throughout the summer. And I want to highlight my absolute favorites.

Today is the unofficial first day of summer! Get out there and play!


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