KC Fun: Mini Golf

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How many of you remember playing Putt Putt growing up? I had my 10th birthday party at Putt Putt and remember having a blast! There was an indoor space with tables and chairs where we had cake and opened gifts. I can't remember if there was food and drink, but there could have been. It was just up the street from the King Louis bowling alley and such a fun family activity. Since then, now that I'm older, my husband and I would occasionally play mini golf at an indoor entertainment spot in town, but they have since closed, and mini golf seemed to be a thing of the past. That is, until this past weekend!

A friend of mine posted a photo of her daughter playing mini golf about a week ago and I inquired about the location. Turns out, there is a mini golf place in Lenexa called Smiley's Golf Complex. I knew they offered a driving range and par three golf course, but I didn't know they had mini golf. Two courses to be exact! This past Sunday afternoon, we found our way to Smiley's and their super fun course!

There are two different mini golf courses. One is for the beginner and the other for the more advanced. We decided to tackle the beginner one first, just to see if McKinley even liked it. Turns out, he was pro! Definitely taking on the advanced course next time. And just like every other mini golf course in the country, there were fun, oversized obstacles, trick shots to make, and vanishing holes that led your ball to random parts of the green. So fun! McKinley decided he would take the lead, and would then try to continue on to the next hole without us! He was loving every minute. And Joel and I were having just as much fun watching him. And, if I'm being honest, we had just as much fun playing. Honestly, how can you not become a kid at heart while playing mini golf! The sun is shining, it's a gorgeous afternoon, and you're spending quality time with your family. Such joy!

Of course I took photos! Check out the fun!

And after you hit the shot through the bears legs, it only makes sense to crawl through them.....

There were two tombstones on the course and I loved that McKinley read each one aloud! Thank you Mrs. Warren!

The other tombstone and the vanishing hole!

I couldn't stop myself from singing "Octopus's Garden" after seeing this guy!

As soon as we reached this hole, McKinley shouted out that this is the same statue we saw at The Art of the Brick!

The last hole brought us Frankenstein. Check out McKinley's interpretation.

Joel brought along McKinley's clubs so that afterward he could hit a small bucket of balls, his first! He did great, once he finally got the hang of his swing. Lessons start at the end of June!  

After that, it was time to hit the road. We headed home for a very late lunch and I took a very long nap! Mini golf wore me out! 

If you are looking for some summertime fun with your family, head out to Smiley's! It's such a great family activity! And I for one am so glad to know that we have a mini golf complex in our midst. We will be there a lot this summer. Hope to see you there!


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