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Friday, March 9, 2018

Hello fellow readers! Yes, again, it's been a long time. February wasn't much better than January. There was flu and pneumonia that hit our house and we were sick three out of the fourish weeks of the month. But, spring is on its way and I am hoping for blue skies ahead!

And with spring comes spring cleaning, and in my case, new house updates all around! It all started with a segment on Home and Family. Ken Wingard introduced a gallery wall in their family room on their set and I immediately needed to create one in my own home. I have this wall above our couch in the den that I never noticed was so bare. Yes, there is a framed piece that we've had for years, but it just needed something more. And Ken's gallery was the inspiration.

His design tips were amazing! My mom came with the assist by visiting local craft stores and scooping up some amazing finds. But the biggest find is the rustic clock. I found several that I liked, but they ranged in price from $50-$100. Not really within my price range. That is, until we hit Savers. We found this clock for $7! Talk about style for a steal! And I commissioned my dad to great a custom piece as well. And when I say commissioned, I asked him if he would take pictures down on the Plaza so I could hang it in my den! I love it! It's perfect! The rest of the pieces are somewhat personal. The K is for our last name and the small scale tobacco basket is an homage to my great grandparents who were tobacco farmers. And I just loved the vintage style window. Much like one from an old farm house.

Ken suggested to cut out your pieces on paper first and then hang them on the wall. In doing so, you won't be creating nail holes that you don't need. Genius, right? So that's exactly what I did. It was such a time saver and my husband thought we should just leave the paper. What a kidder! We placed the framed photo first and then added the clock to the other side for balance. The smaller pieces were exactly what the center needed. 

Then it was time to hang! And when your husband is home on a Friday, and your child is in school, it's the perfect time to get it done.

And here is the finished project! I am obsessed with it! It truly finishes the room and fills the space. Something that really needed to be done. 


I'm thinking of creating a gallery wall in McKinley's room of all of his artwork from school. Okay, not all the pieces, but the ones that he really took his time creating. We have several, and now that I'm armed with such amazing tips, I'm ready to tackle his room!

What do you think of the gallery wall? Is this something you would create? What pieces would be perfect for your room?

Have a great weekend!


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