Just Between Friends Consignment Sale

Friday, September 13, 2019

Yesterday morning I did a little shopping at the Just Between Friends Overland Park consignment sale. What is the Just Between Friends consignment sale, you ask? Well let me tell you all about it! 

Just Between Friends, or JBF, is a large local consignment sale where area parents can consign clothes, shoes, games, puzzles, strollers, carseats, and more in order to easily purge their home of the items they no longer need. And in my case, I'm not a consignor but should be, make room for more things to come back into the house! And when I say area parents consign their items, I'm not kidding! Take a look for yourself.

Can you believe this? And it's so incredibly organized. The sale is broken down by sections, which are very clearly marked, by boys/girls, clothes, electronics, books, sporting equipment, etc.... And you can truly find everything you were ever looking for or something you didn't even know you needed! That latter part always seems to be the case for me!

So what all can be found? I decided to break it down a little, focusing on things that are trendy, must-haves, possibly holiday gifts, and just plain cute! Let's start with just plain cute.

Do you see these darling lady bug shoes? So cute! They are NEW with tags from Gymboree! Let me say that again, they are NEW with tags! Had been $24.95. At the sale, $9! These fall into the plain cute, must-have, and didn't know you needed them categories! I need them! Wish I was an 18-24 month foot!

We went to Disney World over the summer and my son decided to buy out all five parks! Seriously, though, he did. We came home with Buzz Lightyear, a Bucket of Army Men, Rex (which my husband physically carried onto the plane), Bullseye the horse, and that's just from Toy Story. I wish I was kidding. Well guess what, you don't have to go to Disney World, buy out the parks, and then carry the toys onto the plane coming home. You can shop JBF!!! Check this out! It's Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and the Bucket of Army Men all under one roof! They look so happy and really want to go home with you! They need a new kid. File this under the category of trending now and need it for the holidays.

While we're on the topic of toys, I loved Barbie growing up. Still do! She was my go-to toy to play with when I was little. And if I could, I would still play Barbies today! Look at this! It's a super cute camper, Barbie clothing case, and yacht! A yacht! My Barbies didn't have a yacht! 

And a Dream House! They had a Dream House. A Mid Century Modern Dream House!!! Please, someone come and get these pieces for your daughter, niece, next door neighbor, or local blogger who wants to play! It's so cute. There's that cute category again. And always on trend. 

Do you have a kiddo that's just getting into sports, or outgrown their current equipment? There is a full bucket of all things baseball and softball related! And it all looks brand new!

Got a skater, or a want to be skater, but you don't want to pay a lot for something they may or may not enjoy? Pick one up at the JBF sale. You will be the hero and they will look super cool while at the skate park! 

Have a tiny dancer who's feet are constantly growing, needs a new leotard all the time, or just wants to play dress up at home? Well here you go! I definitely file these items under the must-have category!

Looking to travel, send your kiddo off to Mommy and Me with a little backpack, or need a lunchbox STAT? Look no further. There is something for everyone here! Definitely a must-have, with trendy graphics, and super cute for littles!

Um, let's chalk this guy up to things you didn't even know you needed!

Halloween is right around the corner. Do you have your costumes yet? Don't want to have to pay a fortune for one? Have one, but the kiddo changed his/her mind? Check out the racks and racks of costumes!! It's a gold mine! Definitely a must-have here!

Need a must-have winter coat?

Have a reader at home? Look at ALL of these books! So many series bundled together. So many retro reads like Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary. If I didn't still have mine at home, I would have taken these gems home. Must-haves, super cute reads, and things you need!

As I was leaving, I found this large pile of clothing on the floor and peaked around the corner to see a mom shopping away! I asked her if these were all hers, and with a laugh, she replied yes. A mom of multiples stocking up! I loved this so much!! This is what I call shopping on a budget while getting all the categories of cute, must-haves knocked out in on trip! She even brought her own cart! Good use of that wagon, mama!

I made my way to the checkout counter with these gems! I love a good Melissa and Doug find and I can't wait to give McKinley these vintage Tinker Toys! I loved mine, and with the way he's constantly constructing something at home, these will be perfect! My category of holiday shopping for cute things is complete!

The JBF sale starts today and runs through Sunday at the Overland Park Convention Center. Head here to get your free ticket! And bring your stamina! You'll need it!


This is a sponsored post, but all view expressed are my own.

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