Fingerprint Fun

Monday, March 25, 2019

How precious are kids fingerprints, when not on your walls, windows, or mirrors? From tiny prints to big ones, they look darling when used in kid crafts and art. Last year for Mother's Day, we made fingerprint floral magnets for the women in McKinley's life and we're extending the prints to clay pots as well!

April is just around the corner and so are a number of gift giving dates! Teacher Appreciation, Mother's and Father's Day, and Grandparent's Day later in the year! Make some of these cute things now and have them on hand when needed! And they look super cute on your own fridge or on your patio as well.

Here is what you'll need if you are making the magnets. Stamp pads for fingerprints are suggested, but I used high pigment, slow drying ink. The intense pigments allowed for a cleaner print. You also need clear glass gems, magnets, ModPodge, heavy white paper, E6000, and paint pens.

Start with your white paper and any array of ink colors.

Have your child pick their favorite colors, help press their finger into the ink, and allow them to stamp away. Make cute flowers, sweet hearts, or leave just a single print to be used for a cute surprise later!

Now that you have all the fingerprints you want, or as many as they will actually create, you are ready to start the magnet process. Use ModPodge from a squirt bottle versus the larger bottle you apply with a brush. It's easier to handle as you will see below.

Squirt a small about of ModPodge onto the glass gem and place over one of the fingerprints. Follow this same process for all of the magnets you are making. 

It's going to be cloudy and you won't be able to see the fingerprint. Don't worry! It's supposed to look like this. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Ta-Da! It dried clear and you can see your darling finger prints through the gem! Do you see that cute chick, bunny, and ladybug? Simply create the cute characters using your black paint pen! Aren't they adorable! And to make your other fingerprints a little more vibrant, I added an outline to help define the fingerprint art. 

Cut out each of the gems from the larger piece of paper and then trim the paper so that nothing shows around the edges of the glass gem.

Using the E6000, adhere each magnet to the back of the glass gems. Again, allow to dry for several hours.


And there they are!! You're darling fingerprint art magnets! Perfect for any gift. Make them for any holiday too. How cute would little ornaments or snowmen be!

Come back this week to see how you can use fingerprints to doll up those clay pots for your patio or windowsill!


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