My Little Artist

Thursday, May 25, 2017

There was a time in McKinley's life where I couldn't get him to pick up a coloring book and crayon. Working on at home art projects was a chore, except for the occasional finger painting. I hated it because I loved to color when I was little, still do, and I chalked it up to maybe boys just don't like to color like girls. All that changed in Kindergarten.

His first art project came home and it was a Flying Carpet. Large strips of colored paper to represent fabric, scribbles to represent the details in the tapestry, and green fringe along the edge completed this darling piece. And like any proud mother, when Artsonia sent the email with all the different products you could purchase with this art project printed on it, you can bet that I took the bait. And so did my mom. Mouse pads, travel mugs, coffee mugs, and quilt squares were purchased with proceeds going back to the school. We were over joyed!

There were pumpkins for fall, hearts for Valentines Day, and a few things in between. But everything seemed to change when Artsonia sent an email with his cardinal project. I seriously teared up at this sweet piece. It honestly touched my heart and that's when I knew I had a little artist. He had taken such great care with this project, explaining to me how he executed certain techniques under the watchful eye of Mrs. Feathers, his art teacher. I knew in an instant I would frame that piece and start a wall of art work that was all McKinley. But then the piece never came home and a lump formed in my throat. It had been lost in the school move over winter break and I would never see it in person, I thought. Until the schools Open House in the spring! She had chosen his cardinal to be hung among his peers. I couldn't believe it. This child that wouldn't color was now showing art work at school! And, his Rainbow Fish was there too. Two art projects in one year. My heart swelled! 

The wall of art was a slow process, but it's finally done! My mom and I had some custom framing created, they deserved the extra attention, and I was able to hang them yesterday. I love how my little office is coming together. It's such a personal space that represents all the facets of my life. Fashion, passion, my sweet son, and a little fun splashed in. I love stepping into the space. It may be attached to a part of the family's hanging center, but it's still my little world. Take a look!

I adore it, but I'm not sure how 1st grade is going to fit on the wall! We will just make it work, right Tim Gunn? I can't wait to see what he creates next year!


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